Who is TRUST?


Located in Sacramento, California, Trust Bakery is a collaboration between two local bakers, Sarah Short and Makinzie Clark, who together embrace both the traditional and creative aspects of baking.


For us, baking is about much more than cookies, cakes, and savory treats, it is a testament to our experiences, our travels, our creative freedom - our respective journeys. We pour our hearts into our products, and our greatest joy is seeing you, the customer, enjoying our finished product. 



Trust Bakery is known for our motto: 

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process.

For us, Trust represents the process by which we engage with our dreams and visions and embrace the journey along the way. 


Thank you for joining us on this journey to bring you a bakery rooted in ‘trust’, and cultivated in Sacramento!

TRUST Products


As a TRUST customer, you will receive the highest quality products delivered directly to your door.


We use cage free eggs and source the best possible ingredients in our baked goods.